Textures…and the diverse techniques employed to achieve them…define this season’s abstract offerings at RMFA TriBeCa and Southampton.

Sculpted oils (Jeffrey Terreson, Erin Loree), prodded encaustics (Lynn Basa), poured resins (Lola), taped ridges (Julian Lorber) and stitched substrates (Eduardo Terranova, Lynn Basa) produce very different topographies…as do the found object grafts of Stanley Boxer and Gregory Hengesbaugh.

Other art works employ multiple techniques and textures.

Building upon a substrate of stitched burlap sacks in Fishermen of Pearl River, Eduardo Terranova combines hand molded plaster, metallic plating and crushed pearls to create myriad lusters and textures within a single painting.

To view and/or purchase the art works featured in this exhibit, please contact us at info@ricmichelfineart.com.