Chris Maynard combines his scientific knowledge, aesthetic sensibility, and love of nature in a uniquely new art form – created entirely from Feathers.

Utilizing surgical scissors, forceps, scalpels, and magnifying lenses to carve each feather, Mr. Maynard arrays them in lovely and inventive designs. Each placement respects the feather’s natural form, shape, color and pattern which are wholly preserved and unadulterated. Setting the configurations in deep shadow boxes allows each feather’s curve and shape to emerge dimensionally – enhanced further by the shadows each element casts within the frame. Reanimated within their new habitats, the feathers seemingly move and take flight.

Though often perceived to be fragile and delicate, feathers are actually quite strong – having to keep a bird clothed, sheltered and in flight for long periods of time. As such, each of the set feathers will retain its structural integrity, color and form for the life of the art work.

As a committed conservationist, Mr. Maynard adheres to the most scrupulous methods in collecting his materials through an extensive network of aviaries and zoos.  Most of the feathers he utilizes were naturally molted and in all cases Mr. Maynard’s avian collaborators remain unharmed.