Chris Maynard


Thought and Voice

Capercaille Feather Carving


Hummingbird Flower I

Amazon Parrot Tail Feathers

16 x 16"


Argus Pheasant Feather


Macaw Flight

Green-Winged and Blue and Gold Macaw Feathers

14 x 22"


Red Tailed Cockatoo Tail Feathers

17 x 14"

Singing Bird

Pigeon Feather and Various Parrot Feathers

11 x 14"

Red Races

Red Black Cockatoo Tail Feather

11 x 14"

What Happens When You Tip a Feather Upside Down

Argus Pheasant Wing Feather

30 x 20"

Hummingbird Flower

Scarlet Macaw and Amazon Parrot Feathers

14 x 11"

Peacock Attraction

Peacock Feathers

11 x 14"

Red Rooster

Feather Carving


Woodpecker Turaco

Turaco Feather

10 x 10"

Amazon Circle

Amazon Parrot Wing Feathers

16 x 12"