{Merchán’s} approach to artistic creation centers primarily on the abandonment of preconceived notions and expectations. He believes that relinquishing such limitations affords the liberty to paint with a degree of innocence that makes his works of art evocative. He achieves this evocation through rapid execution, drawing primarily from the inspiration of his subjects, rather than focusing on restrictive illustration methods. This flexible ideology translates stylistically into depictions that capture the energy and essence of his subjects rather than accurate renderings of reality.

Julie Bohannon, 20 Uninterrupted Years, Richard Merchán, Selected Works from 1984 to 2004

Birthplace: Maracaibo, Venezuela, 1955

Selected Exhibitions

Gallery McCollum, Laguna Beach, CA
1212 Gallery, Burlingame, CA
UJA-Federation Art Fundraising Exhibit, Bevmax Office Center, NYC
Ariba, Mount View, CA
The Charles Aidikoff Screening Room, Beverly Hills, CA
Digital Domain Studios, Venice, CA

Selected Collections

Digital Domain, Venice, CA
Universal Ford, NYC
Bevmax Office Centers, NYC
Steinhauser Atelier
Peter Benchley
Steinhauser Atelier
Jean Michel Cousteau
Rocky Aoki
Stan Waterman