I paint what I see, in the sense that I see everything, sky included, through a veil of knowledge. I know, and you know, that the sky is not just empty space. It is filled with invisible energies and forces such as gravity, Earth’s magnetic field, infrared radiation and x-rays. I use a field of lines to symbolize the energies and forces that I know to be there“.

Paul Maxwell



Selected Exhibitions

Billy Hork Galleries, Chicago, IL
Black Swan Gallery, Perth, W.A., Australia
C.G. Rein Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ
Chapman Kelly Gallery, Dallas, TX
Culturati Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
David Findlay Gallery, New York, NY
Felix Landau Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Fred Dorfman Gallery, New York, NY
Galerie Image, Lausanne, Switzerland
Galerie Tortue, Paris, France
House Gallery, OK City, OK
Houshang Gallery, Dallas, TX
Irv Fischer Gallery, Bloomfield Hills, MI
J-Michael Galleries, Edina, MN
Jack Meyer Gallery, Houston, TX
Joanne Chappell Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Joanne Perse Gallery, St. Louis, MO
Laura Paul Galleries, Cincinnati, OH
Le Corbier Gallery, La Jolla, CA
Meredith Long, Houston, TX
Miranda Galleries, Laguna Beach, CA
Owl 57 Gallery, Woodmere, NY
Patrician Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Sande Webster Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Sher Gallery, Hallandale, FL
Sol Del Rio Gallery, San Antonio, TX
Sydney Dance Co. Studio Gallery, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia
Talisman Gallery, Bartlesville, OK
Valley House Gallery, Dallas, TX

Selected Collections

Araluen Centre for the Arts, Alice Springs, Australia
AR Art Center, Little Rock, AR
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas, TX
Decordova Museum, Lincoln, MA
Denver Art Musem, Denver, CO
Fort Worth Art Center, Fort Worth, TX
Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX
McNay Museum, San Antonio, TX
Oklahoma Art Center, OK City, OK
Philbrook Art Center, Tulsa, OK
Pioneer Museum, Stockton, CA
Smith College Museum, Northampton, MA
Springfield Museum of Fine Art, Springfield, MO
Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, Washington
University of TX Museum of Fine Arts, Austin, TX
Wichita Art Museum, Wichita, KS
Witte Museum, San Antonio, TX
IBM, offices throughout North America
Hewlett Packard Corporation, Atlanta, GA
Chrysler Corporation, Detroit, MI
Barclays Bank, NYC
Gulf Oil Co, Houston, TX
Turner Broadcasting, Atlanta, GA
Trammel Crow, Co., Dallas, TX
Honeywell, Inc., Dallas, TX
Xerox Corporation, Dallas, TX
Zale Corporation, Dallas, TX