George Halvorson’s art reveals an everyday life in which the viewer is invited to pause and reflect.


Offering moments of tranquility, he employs the disciplines of his design background and its classic elements in creating his carefully considered compositions.


While the world may feel consumed by uncertainty and doubt, George Halvorson’s art rejects cynicism. His paintings offer a counter narrative of optimism and hope, recognizing a shared humanity within ordinary moments. He embraces the occasions when life is good  and celebrates what is to be human with a voice of kinship and empathy. His finely wrought paintings strive to portray strength in the commonplace, and gratitude in the small moments.


Graphic clarity provides reassuring balance within Halvorson’s work. Intentionally controlling the path of the eye’s focus, the artist takes his viewers on a journey within his paintings. The subtle use of color, pattern, and the precise placement of objects direct the gaze within a hierarchy of importance. He works to infuse his work with a sense of stability, security, and comfort through his mastery of graphic balance and visual control.


Using a palette of vibrant and evocative hues, Halvorson works to capture a particular mood and the essence of each moment through a synthesis of color, light, and texture. His discerning use of single-source light creates dimension and contrast, while hearkening back to the Old Masters. The texture he employs is both visual and tactile. His selective use of pattern and a softly finished surface add a playful personality to the story.


With a wink, Halvorson reminds us that the small moments in life aren’t so minor after all. Much of life is lived in small moments. Miss them and one risks missing the lessons, wisdom, and happiness they offer.



Born:  Minneapolis, MN 1952



Recent Exhibitions:


Ric Michel Fine Art, Southampton,    2024
Rubine Red Gallery, Palm Springs, CA. , 2023
Flanders Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, MN​, 2022