“barrioPOP can be understood as pop art through a particular south Texas, Mexican American lens that takes us on a ride that might not be posh, but it will get us there, and in this case, with its own unique style.

 In barrioPOP, we see Cande’s abstract expressionist’s painterly experience with bright color fields and forms extruded through the Play-dough press of his 1970s and 80s popular culture upbringing

What people need from art are statements that move them either emotionally, or intellectually, and preferably both within some relevant context. This is what Aguilar achieves in his art with regional flavor and genuine authenticity. After all, if there is one thing the “barrio” (and Mexican culture in general) is known for, it is: sabor (flavor).”

Noe Hinojosa, barrio Pop


Born:   Brownsville, TX  1972


San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA
International Museum of Arts & Science, McAllen, TX
Brownsville Museum of Art, Brownsville, TX
Gertrude Herbert Institute for Art, Augusta, GA
The Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA
Wichita Falls Museum of Art, Wichita Falls, TX
The Office of Useless Art, Tamines, Belgium
Mexic Arte Museum, Austin, TX
Studio Apothiki, Paphos, Cyprus
Progresso Art Gallery, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Funky Town, Berkeley, CA
The Painting Center, NYC
Wave Pool Gallery, Cincinatti, OH
Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, TX
Texas Biennial, Austin, TX
Young Space, Kaukauna, WI
Boecker Contemporary, Heidelberg, Germany



Cheech Marin Center of Chicano Art, Riverside CA
International Museum of Arts & Science, McAllen TX
Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, Brownsville, TX
Wichita Falls Museum of Art, Wichita Falls, TX
UTSA Art Collection,  San Antonio, TX
First National Bank,, Edinburg, TX
Mountain View College, Dallas TX
Harper College, Palatine, IL