“Through a combination of sensing and reasoning, I attempt to gain access to immaterial physical states that are unutterable on a personal level. What drives me is the impulse to divest myself from everything colored by mental images to make room for the possibility of seeing things in a different light.  Negation and erasure are a point of departure and whether lines accumulate or disappear, if something takes hold, it brings what is meaningful into focus.”

Cair Crawford

Birthplace:  Syracuse, NY

Selected Exhibitions

Museum of Modern Art, NYC
Brooklyn Museum, NYC
Post Machina, Bologna, Italy
Queens Museum, NYC
Columbia University, NYC
New York University, NYC
University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
White Columns, NYC
The First Women’s Bank, NYC
Touchstone Gallery, NYC
Grey Gallery, NYC
Stirner-Unangst Gallery, NYC
Upstairs Gallery, Ithaca, NY
Main Street Gallery, Nantucket, MA
McNay Art Institute, San Antonio, TX

Selected Collections

European American Bank
Wells Fargo
Swiss Bank Corporation
Eastman Kodak
Continental Group
Barbara Freund
Olivia Goldsmith